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Cummins Classic Cars is the official Australian agent for the famous EZ Electric Power Steering System. We offer kits for a wide range of classic cars either supplied or available for installation at our workshop. Start your enquiry today to discuss the details about your classic car.

The EZ Electronic Power Steering kit is a bespoke solution to convert the steering in your classic car. The kit is designed in Netherlands by engineering company EZ Electric Power Steering and is manufactured in Japan by Koyo and NSK. The units are designed with numerous safety features that abide European TÜV approval. This will give your classic car the quality and feel it deserves.

With large variances in each classic car and their size internally, each unit is tailor fit to the specific make and model of the car. The process starts off with prototyping a mounting frame specific to the car's standard mounting points. The electric assist unit and integrated controls are then designed within the available space around the column. The characteristics of the car are taken into account to determine the amount of assistance required to suit. For speed sensitivity, the unit usually taps into the speedo through an artificial interface or tracked with GPS. The design is then finalized in CAD and laser cut to precision at production.

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Fully integrated and hidden under dash. Bespoke solution without chasing parts. Fully reversible and does not devalue the car. Uses factory mounting points already in place without the need to drill or cut the body. Option for smaller steering wheel with adjusted assistance to new ratio. Standard steering column controls built in. Adjustable assistance through integrated knob. Speed sensitive assistance. In the unlikely event system failure means you will never be without steering as it returns to standard manual steering just like before.


EZ Electric VS Hydraulic

You may be looking at upgrading to power steering by fitting a factory kit from a later model. The problem with that is they tend to be clunky to retro-fit and when they play up, chasing down parts can be a headache. There is usually little to no adjustment on assistance with the chance of out-steering the pump on turns. The EZ Electric solution isn't limited by those factors and is maintenance free. It can't leak and there is no noise or loss of power from the hydraulic pump.

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Developed for the international market, it includes various modern engineered safety features. Collapsible steering column. Gradual decline in steering assistance on failure to avoid jerks. No lock up on system failure by returning to manual steering. Europrean TÜV approved. 


NEW Improved Speed Signal & GPS Tracking

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