An improved speed signal and safety feature: GPS tracking

As you may know, our power steering systems are speed sensitive. This means the power steering gives maximum assistance at low speeds, and slowly reduces as the car goes faster. Since a classic car usually doesn’t have an electronic speed signal, we place a speed sensor between the speedometer and speedometer cable to obtain it. In some cases, like the Ferrari Daytona, there is no space for the speed sensor behind the speedometer (we then fit the sensor between the gearbox/transaxle and the speedometer cable). That got us thinking, what if we could use GPS-generated speed signal?


A GPS-generated speed signal has several advantages for us as technicians. First of all, there is always enough space to fit it. Secondly, there is no extra resistance for the speedometer cable, and finally: one type fits all. Of course, it had to be as good – and better – as our current system. That’s why we built in some safeguards: when the GPS signal is lost, for example in a tunnel, it will retain the last measured speed signal. This assures that the steering will not become lighter when this is not desired.

Another perk of using a GPS signal is that it enables car-owners to track their vehicle. After more than a year of development and testing on the road, we are proud to say that we can now offer this supplementary service: EZ Tracking. Customers who choose this extra, will get a warning on their mobile phone if their car is moved within a 20-meter radius of where it was last parked without starting the car (geo-fence) or when the battery is disconnected. The car can be followed using Google maps on a mobile device. It is also possible to get a warning if the door of the car is opened or if the car is moving faster than a pre-selected speed. To stop the car from moving, the system allows to switch off the fuel pump, ignition or power steering remotely. You even have the possibility to see your detailed route history from the last 90 days and share these nice roads with your friends!


We will provide EZ Tracking as an option on all of our power-steering kits starting this summer. For existing customers who already have an EZ Electric Power Steering kit in their car, we will offer an upgrade which allows the GPS system to be installed afterwards at any time. This upgrade and subscription will be available from September on. Each owner will get a unique login code to access the EZ Tracking platform. Some insurance companies give a discount when you use a tracking system, so it’s worth checking. When you don’t want to renew your tracking subscription, the GPS for the speed signal will remain active to keep the power steering working perfectly.