1963 Morris Mini Cooper 997cc

If you are familiar with Mini’s you will understand how original and untouched this Mini Cooper is.

This Mini Cooper was last road registered in 1987. it was then put into storage in country NSW. The body is in exceptionally original condition.

The car has all original paint work, except on the left hand rear quarter, this was repainted many years ago. The original paint still shines but is polished thru to the undercoat in some areas and there are some minor dents here and there.

 The interior is all original but the carpets are worn and the seat covers split. The car still has many original parts that are often missing on other cars. Such as the steering wheel, hub caps, gear knob, carburettors and air filters, to name a few.

 Mechanically the car is very good. I have de-coked the cylinder head and lapped the valves. The pistons are the originals and the engine has never been bored. The engine has excellent oil pressure and runs perfectly, if a little smoky at times.

 I have fitted new front suspension cones & knuckles. New rear brake cylinders & shoes. A new RC40 exhaust system, battery and rebuilt the carburettors. Replaced all of the oils and filters. Fitted new spark plugs, ignition points and condenser.

 I have a very rare set of new old stock (NOS) Hepolite pistons specifically designed to up grade the Cooper 997cc engine to 1097cc. This would be inline with the Downton modified cars from the period.

 The car is also featured in issue 26 of Survivor Car magazine. A copy of this magazine comes with the car together with the original owners handbook, British Motor Heritage (BMH) Certificate and details of previous owners.

 In all it’s a very interesting 997CC Cooper, which was the birth of the Mini Cooper legend. Much more authentic than the Australian built Mini Cooper’s with there wind-up window. It is the perfect survivor or restorer if you so wish.